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Amazon eBook Store - Amazon format
Apple iTunes Store - EPUB format
Smashwords - EPUB, PDF, RTF formats
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General questions

Can I read this title on multiple devices?
Yes. You may do so for your own personal use.

I don't have an eReader. Can I read this eBook on my computer?
Yes. You can read PDF files using Adobe Reader (PC/MAC), EPUB files using Adobe Digital Editions (PC/MAC), Amazon MOBI/AZW files using one of these applications, and RTF files are widely supported by many programs (such as Wordpad on Windows).

Can I read this eBook on my iPad?
Yes. The edition available from Apple iTunes can be read on an iPad and/or an iPhone.

I'm interested in the Amazon version. What apps and devices can I use to read it?
Amazon have a variety of applications that allow AZW/MOBI eReading on smart phones, iPads, iPhones, and home computers. Please read this list.

Is a paperback edition available?
A paperback edition will be available soon.